Buiness Bundle

A Bundle of animated icons for websites and applications.
Highlight the features of your business with vibrant and dynamic animations. The icons are suitable for the Discount, Marketing, Office and E-commerce directions.

For WordPress, Elementor, Divi, Webflow. Web and app developers.




business theme

Profitable proposition

$256 animated icons instead of $156 for only $99

The product is on the site Codecanyon

Why Lottie?

Lightweight & Scalable

SVG icons have a smaller file size than GIF and load much faster

Easy to Use

Perfect for CMS platforms.
WordPress, Webflow, Divi


Change color and stroke width
in After Effect Project

Additional advantages Lottie




on click

on scroll

Companies that are already
using Lottie in their apps

Bundle Included


Discount Set

64 animated icons

Advertising icons that draw attention to the advertisement of your product or service. Discount icons emphasize promotional activities such as coupons, prices, discounts, promotions, etc.

* Preview 24 of 64 icons

Marketing Set


64 animated icons

A set of Marketing icons helps to more clearly reflect information about sales statistics, value and quality of the product. Emphasizes your expertise.

* Preview 24 of 64 icons

Office Set


64 animated icons

Informative office icons highlight the features of the office space and work. The set contains icons for office tools, environment, equipment and personnel.

* Preview 24 of 64 icons

Ecommerce Set


64 animated icons

Sell your product using e-commerce icons in your website or store interface. This is where the store, sales, communication and digital kits help you.

* Preview 24 of 64 icons

If you buy now you will have a discount 36%

The product is on the site Codecanyon